Sunday 26 April 2020

Four Basic handyman Tools and How To Use Them?

Every handyman is treated like a superhero by every layman. It is because of their experience and knowledge of so many tools. They come like a superhero with all the right tools and help you fix all sorts of issues with your home or office. Keeping these tools handy will make you more confident to work and save a lot of money from spending on professionals. That is true! Having these tools with you can make you a superhero too! Put a list of all these before you visit the store so that you have the tools at once and do not have to visit the store every time. We have a list of four most essential basic handyman tools with the basic ways to use them.

Four basic handyman tools 

  •      Keep few Screwdrivers:
Get different types of screwdrivers so that there is nothing at your home or office that you can’t open. You will find electrical screwdrivers and battery operated too. A few pieces of these help you to fix any gadget, electronic item, or furniture piece. From flat heads to star shaped, these need to be understood. The flat head screwdrivers come with flat blades and star shaped have the tip in the star shape.
  •       Bring few Pliers:
Pliers really come handy for a lot of construction and repair work. These could be of different types. Few essential types of pliers that must be in every house are;

  •      Electrician Pliers: These are used mainly to cut or strip cables and wires. Pointed or Needle-Nosed Pliers: Needle nose pliers help you reach tight corners and spaces where fingers or other types of tools fail to reach.
  •      Channel locks pliers: These are also referred to as tongue and groove pliers. Such pliers lock at the desired place and help you adjust the screw or unscrew the tight caps.  
  •      Wrenches:
You get a combination or set or wrenches that are a must in the house to loosen or tighten anything. Different sizes of wrenches come with different ends. For instance, one end has a U shape; another end of another wrench has a closed circle and so on… You may check the various types of wrenches and pick the set online.

  •       Cordless Drill machine:

Handyman needs to own a drill machineof his own. A good quality and trending drill machine can transform into a screwdriver, drill holes, and even help you fix drywall. It works on different types of walls and roofs. You will find array of drill machine options from electronic, battery operated, cordless, and classic ones.

Although, the above are few basic tools that every handyman must have with him, there are other important tools as well that you may think of. Few more tools to remember to take a look are, flashlight, wire cutters, measuring tapes and duct tapes, hand saw, extension cord, all purpose utility knife, hammer, and some more… Hope you are all set with the list of the essential handyman tools.